Effective immediately:
  • Our August 20 luncheon scheduled at the lovely Vineyards is canceled. We will give you a month by month update as information becomes available.
  • All Pearls activities held in homes are suspended until further notice. 
  • We are not going to host events in restaurants, at this time. If you need to meet your Pearl's friends, that is your choice, but it will not be posted on Pearls web, at least for the rest of the summer.
A trip down Memory Lane.... Rock 'n Roll...1960's
Pearls of Naples is a Woman's Club located in gorgeous Naples, Florida. It is a social organization that offers numerous activities and events to its members. We would love to have you consider Pearls, where you can depend on feeling welcome and will form lasting friendships with people who are caring. We look forward to having an opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and for you to see who we are and what we're all about and JOIN our club.
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