How to Join
To Potential Members: 
We would love for you to consider joining Pearls.  As a member, you can depend on feeling welcome at all our activities and will form lasting friendships with people who are very caring individuals. We look forward to having an opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, and for you to see what we are all about.
Prospective members must complete a Pearls Sponsored Member Application form. Applicants must be members in good standing of Naples Newcomers or a sister club or provide a sponsored endorsement from a Pearls member. Applicants must have a valid Florida driver’s license or be a permanent Florida resident. Before being admitted to membership, applicants must attend one (1) business luncheon meeting. Membership is limited to 150 members.
Members attend at least 5 out of 12 luncheons, held monthly, at Country Clubs and other venues around Naples.  The attendance requirement is prorated during the first year of membership. Membership dues are currently $42 annually.  New applicants must pay dues before becoming a member based on date of membership.  
Persons wishing to join Pearls are encouraged to work with our VP of Membership.  She can be reached by email at . She will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You are encouraged to read and/or print the documents below for details about our process. All of the 3 documents MUST be given to the Membership VP at the time of your application. 
Thank you for your interest in joining PEARLS of NAPLES.
Prospective Member Application Forms 
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