Questions often asked by prospective members
Q. What sort of club is Pearls and when was it formed?
A. We are a social organization that was formed in 2005. As a social club our main mission is to provide a social and informative setting in which lasting friendships can be built and nurtured. 
Q. How is Pearls governed?
A. Pearls has a nine member Board of Directors who are elected annually from the membership. These great volunteers help to steer the club and provide the support and expertise the club requires to function. They hold monthly meetings in conjunction with the monthly luncheon and provide guidance on everything from luncheon venues, meal selections, programs, activities, events, website support and assistance. As a new member you should consider being on the board as it, in itself, is great way to provide support and serve the organization and develop bonds with other board members and members at large. 
Q. How many members does Pearl's have?
A. Pearls has a maximum membership of 150. We currently have approximately 125 members.
Q. Where do Pearls meet and what happens at the meetings?
A. Pearls meets the third Thursday of each month at various country clubs located around Naples. We make an effort to vary the geographic locations of each meeting so everyone can attend a meeting on their end of town. Members may bring guests to the luncheon. Prospective members must attend a luncheon prior to becoming a member. Members choose from a couple meal selections when they register on the website RSVP system. Meals consist of a soup/salad, entree and dessert. Vegetarian options are offered as well. Bridge, Mah-Jongg, Hand n Foot and other games follow each luncheon.
Q. How much do the luncheons cost and how do I pay?
A. The current cost for the luncheon is $30 per person. You may use our PayPal system found on the website. This system takes credit cards as well. If you prefer you can also pay by check.
Q.How many luncheons do I have to Attend?
A. Members are required to attend 5 luncheons annually. However the number required for new members is prorated depending on which month they join. Illness and family situations are taken into account.
  • Joining in Jan., Feb., March requires 5 luncheons
  • Joining in April, May or June requires 4 luncheons
  • Joining in July or August requires 3 luncheons
  • Joining in September or October requires 2 luncheons
  • Joining in November requires 1 luncheon
Q. How much are dues and how do I pay them?
A. Dues are $42 annually and you can use the PayPal system found on our website or pay by check.